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NSO-929x Dreadnaught Class Corvette
Dreadnaught Class Corvette

Manufacturer: NSO Laplace

Length: 188m
Mass: 19,000t
Crew: 45 + 4
Maneuverability: Medium

Offensive Systems:
2 x PBC Cannons ( Front and Rear )
2 x Missile Launchers ( Front and Rear )

Defensive Systems:
Countermeasure Launcher
2 x LDA ( Upper and Lower )

Drive Systems:
Standard thrust array
LDS Class 3
Capsule Drive

A direct descendant of the original NSO-929, this elderly model distinguished itself during the Independence War and is still in common use throughout known space due to its simple, versatile and rugged design. It, and several 'clone' versions, are manufactured by various ship-builders under license from NSO-Laplace. Though it requires a larger crew than more modern ships the detachable accomodation modules enable it to be outfitted for many different roles, from military missions to ore prospecting and passenger transport. Most commonly the 929x is seen in service with planetary defense fleets, many of which use older ship types to minimise running costs. The 929x may be outfitted with dual forward, or front and rear-facing weapons. Some versions have been retrofitted with modern gatling cannons.

NSO-2002 Devastator Class Heavy Corvette
Devastator Class Heavy Corvette

Manufacturer: NSO Laplace

Length: 150m
Mass: 20,160t
Crew: 20 + 4
Maneuverability: Medium-low

Offensive Systems:
1 x PBC Cannon
1 x Gatling Cannon
2 x Missile Launchers

Defensive Systems:
Countermeasure Launcher
2 x LDA ( Upper and Lower )

Drive Systems:
Standard Thruster Array
LDS Class 3
Capsule Drive

Designed as a replacement for the aging NSO-929 Dreadnaught class ships, the Devastator class heavy corvette packs a formidable arsenal of weapons, and utilizes state-of-the-art avionics and auto-repair systems. Due to the use of these advanced systems, the Devastator class corvette requires a crew of just 25, compared with 50 for the older Dreadnaught class. The 'Heavy' refers not to the vessels size ( in fact it is shorter than a Dreadnaught class corvette, and only slightly heavier ), but to weapon carrying capacity. Using modular wing pylons the craft is capable of carrying a wide range of offensive and defensive hardware, including gatling cannons and remote missile launchers. The pylon endcaps have a specialized docking connection, and military analysts speculate that NSO Laplace may be developing a small fighter ship known as a Turret Fighter which would be capable of linking with the main hull via the wing pylons (in much the same way that the corvette's NSO-1502 Advanced Command Section connects to the front of the primary hull). In addition to carrying weapons on the end of the pylons, the Devastator can mount two addition pods slung underneath the pylons, though these mountings are often left empty due to the heavy power and heat requirements of the additional weaponry. The Devastator heavy corvette is made under license by various organizations, including the M.C.A., which accounts for the many different variants in service.

VS-101C Cutter Class Corvette
Cutter Class Corvette

Manufacturer: Von Schelling Industries

Length: 175m
Mass: 20,096t
Crew: 15 + 4
Maneuverability: Medium-High

Offensive Systems:
Turreted Dual PBC Cannon
Missile Launcher

Defensive Systems:
Countermeasure Launcher
2 x LDA ( Upper and Lower )

Drive Systems:
Standard Thruster Array
LDS Class 3
Capsule Drive

The Cutter, a radical new design from Von Schelling Industries, features a unique vectored thrust engine array and a 360 degree high powered PBC turret. The vectored thrust pods make it much more agile than any other ship of equivalent size, and its turret enables it to continually engage targets while performing defensive maneuvers. The cutter has found its way into many navies and has become a favourite of pirates and marauders due to its fast Class 2 LDS drive and low crew requirements.

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