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7Xmultiship 7Xmultiship Mod HOT

New in this mod
1)All ships Even The Flittes are armed and have LDAs (with in Reason)
2)I preset Apropreat Weapons and systems in all ships.
   I though this would be mush more fun becuse Of the
   save which starts you off in Act 1.
3)I have Some custom made weapons and Systems
   Systems inclued: LDS Micro wich is for Small ships,
   Autorepare extra,LDA 360,Beta-Omega HeatSink(The strongest LDAs of all the ships)
   Antimatter PBC Turret,My favorits are seekerminelayer,and,
   antimatter Seeker Mine, and more.
4)aranged the ships in classes per Mod.
5)I am working on updated HTMLs for the Ships loadouts (incompleat)
   I will send updated ones later.    

A .sav is included that inables all the ship slots including the storm petrel and starts out
in act 1. I saved it in the last slot(13) so it should be less likly to over ride your save games.
If you have many saves
look for the one at the very bottom of the list, it should say (ACT 1 17,48,03 15/10/2001)


Utility ship---------MOD 1

3)Flitter Taxi

Utility ship---------MOD 2

2)Corporate Yacht
3)Gas Miner
5)Fuel Transporter_Gamma

Freighter ship----MOD 3

2)Light freighter_IW1
3)Container carrier
4)Rear-cab freighter
5)Mega Transporter V3

Fighter ship------MOD 4

1)Gunbabe Turret Fighter
2)Navy Mantis Fighter
3)Police fighter mark 3
4)Marauder Fighter
5)Large Corp Interceptor

Combat ship------Mod 5

1)Puffin Tug
2)Police Interceptor Mk2
3)Police Patcom
4)IW1 Corvette
5)Mass Cutter

Capital ship Mod 6

1)I war 1 Navy  Destroyer
2)New Navy Heavy  Destroyer
3)I war 1 Navy  Cruiser
4)Heavy Corporate Cruiser
5)Navy Heavy Cruiser

Special ship mod 7

1)Supply ship
2)Lor_Platform (Heavely Armed)
3)Gunstar (Added More Weapons)
4)Gunstar Sphere (Unstopable)
5)Capital Carrier (Launches Fighters, Patcoms, and Corvettes.)


--------- Instalation --------
Simply extract the "" files (not the contents of the mod zips!) into the mods directory.
Then, start Edge Of Chaos and you will be able to select ships for the Extra's menu.
extract the .sav file to your EOC/save directory
Backup that folder first if you already have a savegame13.sav

--------- Notes --------
Only have one ship mod on at the same time.
You MUST have patch version 14.6 or higher

Special thanks to:
                  Jet who wrote the save game hex doc :)

                  Qlippoth for the Modification of the save :)

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