file IWar2 - Manual Contermeasure Mod not working

6 years 3 months ago #20657 by Chico008

I experience a difficult using the manual countermeasure mod for Iwar2
i paste the zip mod in the mods folder
i add in the config/default.ini and keayboard_only.ini a line like this :
Keyboard, Insert

but i still can't launch counter measure manually.

i tried using the Insert key to another function, it workd, so it's not the Insert key that doesn't work.

Please help

What the wookie said ?

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6 years 3 months ago #20658 by IronDuke
Well, to be quite honest, the mod itself is not going to function as intended. It simply creates a countermeasure in space next to the player, which will not attract missiles. I went through the code once and heavily tested it out, and just went through the code again to refresh my memory. I believe a countermeasure launch needs to be done by the game's own code, not by merely creating an inert flare, and I don't think it's actually possible to code a manual countermeasure launcher without also writing code that manually forces the missiles to target the flare.

As for your issue with the keybinds, [ScriptKeys.PreviousPlayerShip] is already in the config file by default, so adding it again may be causing conflict which confuses the game.


Very little about the game is not known to me. Any questions you got, throw them at me. :)

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