A lot of content has been added that wasn't available on the old website.

Some things I'd like to have are still missing though. :( You can read about them here - maybe you can help me find them?

This is a full list of all the new and shiny things:

- Xbox 360 Controller profiles for I-War 2 - one by Mike and another one by dominicwhite (all controller profiles from the old I-War website have been added, too)

Widescreen 16:9 In-Game Movies (by -MaxiM-) - if you've turned them on, you can now enjoy the movies unstretched

- A Saitek X52 Profile (by pkt-zer0)

Entropy's I-War 1 Launcher - this one makes loading custom missions much easier

Some missions for Independence War I were added:

"Lost" Missions from the European release of I-War

- "The Chaos Trilogy" - Part OneTwo and Three

"The Unseen Foe"

I have also added "Goodies" and "Demos" sections for both games, where you can find stuff like The Ship Identification Chart and printable keyboard and joystick reference cards. You can also find most of the demos for the games here, now.

Have fun! :-)


# Patches 2015-10-16 21:54
I still can't get it to D/L the missions I'm looking for

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