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Welcome to Epic

The Epic team is hard at work on the first release, now titled the "Middle States". This release centers around freeform gameplay. It has a new economic engine, mercenaries for hire, and save (almost) anywhere. All this set in a new war torn star cluster. With new planets, textures, nebula and sound, the Flux engine never looked, sounded or played so good. 

Our second release will expand these features and replace the standard traffic scripts with a new, easy to customize design. We are calling our second release "Traffic". Pirates, corrupt police, and zealots will soon be found in trade lanes near you!


October 22, 2005

Major News today. We are announcing our next mod project Unstable Space. This is a capsule jumping and career enhancing mod for the Middle States.

And we have a new name for the project. We are now calling it Torn Stars.

To celebrate the release and the name change, we have a new web site. Visit us for all the details at Torn Stars website

Also check out the new forums here Torn Stars Forum

October 14, 2005

Epic passed 600 downloads! Please visit us in the Torn Stars Forum (edit: updated link) and tell us what you think. We are glad to answer questions if you have run into bugs or problems. (Forum link on left <<--).

October 9, 2005

Epic: Middle States is released!

<<<--- Go to the MS Download page in the menu on the Left.

Details and Features are linked at the bottom of the download page.

Thanks to everyone who helped Epic trundle down this long and rocky road!


October 6, 2005

After a long and somewhat painful Beta test, in which a number of bugs (the worst not our own, but rather the stock games) were uncovered, the Beta test is winding down.  Our team leader, GrandpaTrout hopes to have a final release of Middle States within the next few days!  Stay tuned here and as ever on the forums for the final release annoucement.  Adventures in the Middle States lie just ahead!

June 11, 2005

The Epic: Middle States Beta test has begun!  Beta testers have their hands on the mod now and are picking it apart mercilessly!!

June 1, 2005

The Epic team is looking for 4 or 5 dedicated Beta testers for a closed Beta. We expect to start testing on the 10th to the 15th of June. Please head to the General Forum if you are willing to put in some time helping us bug hunt. Thanks!

May 16, 2005

Version 7.2 was released for team testing and review. This version has almost all the Trade and Economy features working. You can read more about the features (and bug reports) in the mods forum.

May 9, 2005

Progress! Finally! Our first release, titled the Middle States is only a few months from completion.

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