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Proton Proton PBC HOT

This mod replaces the Pulse Accelerated PBC with the Proton PBC, which is a very fast firing, and does 100 damage vs the 250 damage of a heavy pbc. Weak you say? not when you consider it fires almost 9 times a second, and bypasses sheilds completley, so that 100 damage actually is 100% damage to your target, the weapon has a high penetration, very fast moving shot, and good accuracy. Also this weapon does have a relativley slow recharge rate once you run it out of its initial energy stores. The weapon does however take 1 cargo space, and has been appropriatley balanced according to the assault cannon (i think lol). Lastly it has a relativley short range, of 12km but it does not decrease much in damage at range so its halflife is almost as high as its lifetime! The full documentation on how this weapon works can be found in the newly updated encylopedia. WARNING!!!!!! This weapon will only work properly on a medium hardpoint, it does not work on heavy, and pylon mounts, the reason for this is actually in the encyclopedia as well as it is true for "real" and for my own little reality i have created with this weapons physics.

Created Tuesday, 16 December 2014 14:25
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# IronDuke 2016-05-30 19:55
Not only is this one fun, it's kinda sorta balanced too. I mean, it's not any more OP than the Assault Cannon. :whistle: This one SERIOUSLY lumps cruisers though, because ignore shields. :mrgreen:


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