Thank you

We'd like to thank the following organizations or communities for helping us out:

  • Open Source Matters, Inc. - for providing their excellent Joomla system, which is the base of our whole website
  • JDownloads - for building the downloads system, being superfriendly on the forums and accepting all of our patches :-)
  • JoomlaTune - for coding JComments, the commenting system
  • The Kunena Project - for building the base of our forum
  • - for providing an easy way to display the status of our game servers on the website
  • KDE e.V. - for putting a spacey wallpaper into their software and making it open source
  • Flipside Group - for keeping the Independence War browser game alive after so many years

We'd like to thank the following people for helping us out (directly or indirectly):

    • Raluca Musăloiu-E. - for writing a converter from Snitz to phpBB, the first step that brought the old forums back
    • binod - for writing a converter from phpBB to Kunena, the second step that brought the old forums back
    • Stephan Slabihoud - for making private messages fun, with UddeIM
    • akula65 - for preserving some of the rarest I-War files on CD's and sending all of these over to us


...last but not least, to Particle Systems and Atari for creating an awesome series of games and bringing them to modern platforms

...and...of course...YOU. Thank you all for keeping I-War alive for nearly two decades.