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zip0EOC KeyBinderHOT
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With this tool you can bind any joystick or mouse axis and joystick, mouse or keyboard buttons to any of the game's commands. For example, if you have a second joystick, you could configure it to control lateral thrusters for extra flexibility in combat. Details of how to do this are in the readme file supplied with the game.

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zip1EoC Keybinder (2014)Beta HOT
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A little, new .net-based Keybinder with better view, complete compatibility (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT + inverse correct interpretation and fixing of missing commas in a config file).

Contains the compiled exe and the Source as Sharp Develop (2.0) Project (
Requires working .net framework 2.0 or higher.

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zip2EoC POG Scripting - SDK Ver 0.91 Beta - 24-01-2002HOT
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V0.9 Beta, January 2002

Click on the title to see the full Readme.

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rar3I-War 2 EoC Geographic SDKHOT
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These are unofficial tools put together by people on the old Atari forums.

With these tools you can create your own worlds and add stations, planets and more

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zip4I-War 2 EoC Graphic SDKHOT
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Please click on the download title to see the full README.

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zip5I-War 2 EoC Player Ship TexturesHOT
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This Texture Kit ("Kit" ) contains data and documentation that will enable you to edit the textures for the player ships for Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos. Click on the title to see the full Readme.

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zip6Multiplayer LauncherHOT
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This launcher creates a text document with the last server details entered.

You can use it to automatically connect to the last Multiplayer server you were playing on.

It can also run the game in compatibility mode for you.

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zip7Tattoov1.3 HOT
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Tattoo is a texturing tool designed to assist in the creation of realistic and lifelike textures for 3D models.


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zip8WinVi Hex Editor3.02 HOT
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A standard hex editor for editing binary files.
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