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Control INI and profile files for the CH Pro Throttle and F16 Combat Stick. Self extracting Zip file, download and run to extract the files.

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This is a slightly altered default.ini that works with Joysticks on Linux that are recognized via the /dev/js API

By default, Linux controls the axis a little different, so rolling and throttle didn't work

This has been tested with a Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro

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 - mapped joystick commands to joystick 2 (Logitech wingman)
 - mapped roll to joystick 1 (pedals)

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Control config file for the Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D joystick.

Thanks to hyperlogos for supplying it.

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Control config file for the Logitech Wingman Rumblepad game pad.

It uses the right hand analogue stick for X and Y lateral thrusters.

Roll control is shifted to V & B on keyboard or Alt + X-axis on 2nd stick.

All other controls are the same as the default configuration.

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Control config file for the Sidewinder joystick (8 buttons plus throttle).

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This is a basic mouse flight control system.

Please note that mouse flight controls are not optimised, and are not officially supported by the game.

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Control config for Saitek Cyborg 3D Digital.

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Control config for the saitek dash card (with cockpit graphics) and the X36 gameport combo.

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Exe-25612Saitek X36 Profile by Neil Charlesworth HOT
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A Saitek X36 Profile for use with the Saitek Gaming Extensions. Click on the title to see the README.

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Exe-25613Saitek X36 Profiles by Martin Linford HOT
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Two profiles for the Saitek X36:

  • x36 v2 (LH Targetting)
  • x36 v3 (LH Target/RH Power/Lateral Thrusters)
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Click on the title to see full details.

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Control profile for Saitek X36F, includes document listing controls. Self extracting Zip file, download and run to extract the files.

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A config for the Saitek X52. Note that Saitek profile (...a .pr0 file, hideous pun by Saitek) is for SST. You might need to download that from the Saitek website.

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Another profile for the Saitek X52.

Note from Maahes: "I've re-written my config so as not to have to use the SST profile as well, should just be direct button mappings."

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Controller profile for the Saitek X55 by squishy. A detailed description can be found in our forums.

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Here's a config file for the Thrustmaster TopGun Afterburner II.

Click on the title to see more details.

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This is a profile for the Xbox 1 (Classic) controllers. It should work with both versions - the small and the big one.

For use with the XBCD drivers - set them to Xbox 360 Emu mode in the config utility and you're good to go.

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A different Xbox 360 controller profile by Mike (posfan12).

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zip22Xbox360 Profile by dominicwhite HOT
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dominicwhite's Xbox 360 Controller Profile for I-War 2: Edge of Chaos
Usage: Drop it on your I-War 2Configs directory, then select it from the available controller profiles in-game.

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