Category: Act One - Hoffer's Wake
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Jaffs knows some miners who are behind on their quota and need assistance. He directs Cal to the Aldo mine which is getting ready to ship their supply.

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After escaping from prison, Cal and his band begin their pirating career in the Badlands.

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Cal joins the search for his grandmothers hoard of treasure...and particularly the Nova Loop artifact.

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After pirating a few ships Cal is offered a membership in the Stepson Clan... if he performs an initiation mission for them.

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The Stepsons believe they've located a Marauder base... and they want Cal to lead the assault against it.

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After a goodly bit of pirating, Cal is ready to check out these new Turret-Fighters Maas has produced... and steal them if he can.

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E. R. Oregon, a miner by trade, has some information about the Marauders. He's asked you to meet with him at his asteroid base.

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The Stepsons need Cal's help. All signs point towards a massive Marauder attack at Hoffer's Gap. In an effort to increase the defenses, Cal is asked to pick up some Gunstar Weapon Platforms from an unused base.

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Elmo Stepson send Cal an email explaining that the arming keys are needed for the gunstars around Hoffer's Gap.

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The League, an organization of freedom fighters interested in stopping the Marauder attacks and breaking the Corporate's hold on Hoffer's Wake, have extended an invitation to Cal and his band. However, an initiation job must be accomplished first.

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Cal is asked by the League to steal a LOR Platform.

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