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Xaereaux's Base Mover Xaereaux's Base Mover Mod HOT

You need Multimod and UniGUI installed to use the Base Mover. Multimod can be found here: and UniGUI here:

To install place this zip file in your IWar2/mods directory. Start IWar2 and select 'ENABLE MULTIMODS', 'UniGUI' and 'Base Mover' in the Extras Screen.

To use the Base Mover, you must be in Act 4, or free-form mode. Open UniGUI and select the 'Base Mover' option. You can then select the system you wish your base to be situated. You can pick Hoffer's Wake, Santa Romera or Formhault. Moving the base will cost you 100000 CUs if you have FutureTrader installed. If you don't, it will cost you 20000 Manufacturing Units.

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