Hi, am new to this game

21 years 8 months ago #2405 by Mookem
Replied by Mookem on topic Hi, am new to this game

Got ya beat..hit the big 50..and still gaming away :)

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21 years 8 months ago #2416 by Joker
Replied by Joker on topic Hi, am new to this game
Mookem.....try 55 and playing a Modded-Up version per the excellent
additions found RIGHT HERE!

Wildcards...Thrust Overrides!!! I like the "Circle the Hounds"
method of swinging around and taking out a rear end!

Jeez! What if I did boost my Protons.....

NightHawk...Fly Baby, Fly! Instant Combat is a great way to get your
space legs under you. After that...Know your enemy, use your weapons wisely......and Bust 'Em in the _ss!!!


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21 years 8 months ago #2421 by MajorTom
Replied by MajorTom on topic Hi, am new to this game


I have just installed this game a couple of minutes ago, and did not play with it yet. Just wanna know if there is any clans, or Squad with this game? Is there also multiplayer groups playing online? Is this game real popular and how I can I be part of you guy's? I have just register to this forum, so any help would be appreciated.

I have also seen missions download etc, etc, it looks cool.

I am also a newbee at space simulation and I am also bilingual, so french or english people are welcome to contact me. Also is there any adults playing this game? Am 42 so if any of you, about my age contact me, but all are welcome to contact me, anyway :-)

Thanks and regards,


" Dare to be Challenged "

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sorry I missed this thread when it originally started, but I was so busy doing scripting work on a new mod

Welcome :)

yes there is a multiplayer group. Located in Germany. (which is ping-wise just around the corner from France) We call ourselves the Consortium and do MP game mods. We did the what_rocksv1 mod and will, within a few weeks, have a Team Fortress type game as part of the what_rocks v2. We hope to increase popularity of the MP game by doing the mod because it's such a great sim engine and flying it is fun and challanging. The neccesity to develop flying skills makes the gameplay very interesting (especially for adults) because the game requires a lot more than (just) fast reflexes.

btw.:The Consortium members are predominatly adults and and I'm even a bit older than you and I'm bilingual too German/English, so I think you would fit in just fine . ;)

If you want more information on MP check out my sig/link below.
Do live in france? (Perhaps you would like to help us promote the MP game there?) Right after the game came out and shortly after the release of what_rocks v1 I saw quite a few French players online. (SoupDragon here worked hours on the French translation of what_rocks v1 because we wanted to develop more participation in the French community)

EOC/IWar2 Multiplayer Fansite

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