file Just for info: i-war 2: EOC on linux

13 years 4 months ago #18698 by pthread
just for who liked to know I have gotten i-war 2 to run under linux. I've searched the entire web and didn't find anything usefull. So every linux user who longs to pirate the deep reaches of space once again here's how to:

I run ubuntu but that shouldn't make any difference compared to other distros.

I've downloaded the free cvs version of cedega and inserted the game disc and installed the game. At first it wouldn't run. But after patching to version f14 I was in business. The only thing that will still prevent the game from running is the sound. I'm still working on that one. However the game will run without sound. The sound can be turned off in the flux.ini by setting Sound_disable to 1. This should make the game run.

Tweaking the video options could be necesarry to make the game run in a playable way. If you tweak them right it should run smoothly almost as native.

Hope this is helpfull and let me know if someone has solved the sound issue

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13 years 4 months ago #14605 by cambragol
That is really very interesting pthread. You should think about letting other Linux users know via Ubuntu's or others' forums. I once tried to get I-war2 working on linux using WINE, but to no avail. The fact that I couldn't get it to play was actually the primary reason why I did not switch completely over to Linus for my desktop.

Now, I wonder if we could get Torn Stars working under Linux...

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13 years 3 months ago #14655 by pthread
A little update.

I got the sound working under cvscedega by adding the following text to the ~/.cvscedega/system.reg file.

[Software\\Classes\\CLSID\\{E436EBB3-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}\\InprocServer32] 1138294220

I've tested this setup on two comps. I notice no difference with playing EOC on windows.


Amd sempron 3100+
geforce fx520
768Mb ram
60 fps @ 1280x1024


Amd mobile 2800
geforce 2ti
768mb ram
50 fps 1024x786

Torn stars seems to work correctly, but only when you turn of the compressed textures feature in the graphics options, else It seems to be choking on the amount of textures and crashes while loading or something like that.

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13 years 3 months ago #14656 by cambragol
Wow! Nice going. I may have to give this a try. Might even be a good reason to reinstall a linux distro

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4 years 1 week ago #19603 by schmatzler
While cleaning up the forum I stumbled over this thread.

I'm playing Independence War 2 on Linux all the time. It almost works out of the box with wine, but there is a nasty bug which freezes the game when someone talks.

But no worries - there are instructions on how to get around that:

The "European Windows XP" bug happens on Linux, too - if you come from Europe and want to play Multiplayer, you have to tell Linux that your thousands delimiter is a "." by putting this in front of the application you want to run:

I'm happy that it runs so well - no need to keep old Windows versions around or hoping for Microsoft not breaking anything in their next release. :evil: :whistle:

Space. The final frontier.

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4 years 2 days ago - 4 years 2 days ago #19689 by davedevils
I'm linux player of i-war 2 - EOC

I i can help any body :)

If you want play on Ubuntu −−> little tutorial

How to make the game work with sound (but without dialog sound) (CD version) :

0°) Install wine 1.7.38
1°) Install EOC 2 and the F14.6 patch
2°) run winetricks mwo=disabled
3°) run winetricks quartz devenum
4°) Go to wine config --> lib -> winegstreamer --> Disable
-> quartz --> Builtin then Native
5°) Go to the folder of game --> streams/audio/music/ --> rename loading.mp3 to loading-.mp3
6°) back to the folder of game --> streams/audio/ --> rename the folder speech to speech-

Now you can play :D (i use Q4Wine for launch)

My config before the next of this post !

Ubuntu 15.04 (32 bit) / Windows 7 - 64 bit

Intel core i7-4770K
6 go ram
GeForce GTX 980 4go

Edge of chaos 2 - CD version FRENCH + official patch 14.6

Torn star ...

by the way when i playing in windows 7 64 bit ... never work for me ! Crash when i click in "new game"

Under Ubuntu −−> menu work −> loading may crash (often and SLOW 5fps ) -−> LOT of freeze In game ! the game work 20/30 min before crash ...

Torn Star : Unstable Space

Under windows −−> menu work −−> loading slow (12 fps) -> but game work well

Under Linux −−> menu perfect −−> EXTREM SLOW LOADING (8 min) -−> crash if you not speed for select the race in new game −> save freeze the game for 4/5 min -−> In game it's ok, but lot's of texture problem ... for fix i have install low res ... now in game work , but sometime freeze 3/4s .

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