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5 months 2 weeks ago #20699 by Chessking
I think I meant the sealed heat sink when I was talking about coolant pods. It has been a while since I played the game, so sorry for that mistake. Basically, what I picture is that the fighter has a pod of extra coolant that is not used. When an emergency arrives, all of the coolant being used is enclosed in a pod and jettisoned from the vessel, immediately decreasing the amount of heat picked up by active sensors and seeker missiles. Then the unused coolant is allowed into the system so the fighter functions as normal. The advantage of this is that, as you said previously, ECM's will sometimes fail to deceive the seeker missiles. The sudden decrease of temperature in the ship and the addition of a new heat signature would increase the chances of dodging the missile. (Perhaps to 100% for balancing purposes.)

It sounds like you have the REM issue roped and hogtied. ;)

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5 months 2 weeks ago #20700 by IronDuke
It's an idea. :) I will try it out and see how it fits balance-wise. An ejectable coolant container such as this would take up space, and fighters have little to spare. Plus, a whole rack of regular ECM flares would probably be more useful in the long run. But, I'll try it and see how it works, once fighters have been added to the remake :)


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